Hitstory book signing at the Utrecht Mega Record & CD Fair

Forty three of Holland’s biggest stars relate the stories behind their greatest hits ever in this beautiful, limited edition, coffee table book called Hitstory. All benefits from the book will go to the Children’s Cancer Foundation (Stichting Kika Kinderen Kankervrij). The book is written by journalist Cors van den Berg and all the images were shot by photographer William Rutten.

Hitstory book signing for Children Cancer Foundation (Kika)
Hitstory book signing | Spike, George Baker, Boudewijn de Groot and Anita Doth.

Artists such as George Baker (Reservoir Dog’s little Green Bag), Boudewijn de Groot, Spike (Direct), Ilse de Lange, Huub van der Lubbe (de Dijk) and thirty eight others are featured. William Rutten and van den Berg plus at least 5 musicians will be available at the Mega Record and CD Fair on November 19th & 20th to sign your personal copy including:  Boudewijn de Groot, Henk Westbroek, Anita Doth (2 Unlimited), Thé Lau (The Scene), George Baker and Erik van der Hoff (Roberto Jacketti), and there are more to follow!

William Rutten has been taking pictures in the entertainment industry for more than twenty four years. Cors van den Berg finished his first novel in 2004. Everyone involved, from the graphic designer to the music publishing companies,  artists and authors donated their time for free on this high-quality commemorative photo book, which has been produced in a limited edition of 1500 copies. For all the fans of Dutch music, it would make a great December gift idea.
There will be more announcements of exciting book signings at the forthcoming Mega Record and CD Fair in Utrecht NL, follow our blog to get the latest news on these events.