Vinyl & Liquid Light!

Vinyl & Liquid Light – party like it’s 1969: the authentic vintage light show. The music comes in psychedelic colours.

Vinyl & Liquid Light
Vinyl & Liquid Light at the Mega Record & CD Fair

All you need to do is search in the attic to find the record player, then find the LPs and singles begging to be heard again. It’s the whole party experience of sharing your passion for music and the artwork on the record sleeves. Conversations melt into the warm sound of vinyl. On your screen the wonderful psychedelic Vinyl & Liquid Light show lights up the party.
Living rooms will be magically transformed into a Music Club House with the bright colors of the light show on the TV or Screen. A DVD with riveting lightshows from the sixties can be ordered at, created by two Dutch visual artists.
The gramophone is the centre of attention at the home parties. The choice of music is decided by those visitors that bring their own.
If you have caught the vinyl bug come to the Mega Record and CD Fair in Jaarbeurs Utrecht on the 19th and 20th November 2011 where fans all over the world search, listen and find.

The Vinyl & Liquid Light show dropped underground and out of the spotlight for a moment . Luckily these cultural treasures have been preserved. Once again they offer you the opportunity to create your own world of music wonder and beauty.
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