The Grooves are getting deeper!

Last weekend BBC news and several Dutch newspapers announced another vinyl comeback. These days young people especially are discovering the wonderful sound of the so called black gold. All visitors to the Mega Record and CD Fair  have known for many years that this fascination for vinyl is not new. However the fact that younger generations are picking it up is remarkable, considering the computer age we are now living in. There are more reasons for this comeback besides the warm sound of vinyl. Think about the album cover art so dearly missed on most cd’s and downloads.

Vinyl Comeback | The Grooves are getting Deeper!
Young people discovering the wonderful sound of vinyl, the so called black gold.

Modern pop stars like Adèle distribute their latest albums not only as downloads but also on 180 grams vinyl albums. These 180 grams albums have deeper grooves and sound more soulful and warmer. ‘If you like the download you’ll buy the vinyl’ is the motto! With an original album you have something to show or impress your friends with, it’s like you are a real fan. Record Industry Haarlem in the Netherlands had a 30% increase in vinyl pressings last year and the bi-annual Record fair in Utrecht also had many more young people through the door, some as young as 12 years old! The other great thing is that in the past so much vinyl has been pressed that vintage albums and 7 inches start from as low as 50 cents at many stalls at the Utrecht fair! With a low budget you can still score big and start your own collection!