Vinyl Art Show at the Mega Record & CD Fair

Vinyl Artist
Vinyl collector and artist Henk Zielman will exhibit part of his vinyl art collection at the upcoming Mega Record and CD Fair in Jaarbeurs Utrecht NL on November 19 and 20, 2011. He started collecting when he was 14 and after 35 years of passionate crate digging his library now contains over forty thousand  items.

Vinyl Art Show by Henk Zielman Mega Record & Cd Fair November 2011
Artist Henk Zielman with some of his creations.

In the late seventies he ‘discovered’ Punk and New Wave and the ‘Do It Yourself’ mentality which was characteristic of the Punk movement. About 5 years ago he started experimenting with record covers and vinyl records and nowadays he creates unique installations with these materials. Autodidact Zielman tries to find the message in the music of the artists and then captures these thoughts in his art.
Vinyl Art Show
Many of you will like what Zielman has made, other people might not but at least it will prompt discussions among the viewers and that is exactly what Zielman is aiming for. He will be present at his vinyl art show during the whole record fair to explain his concept, to listen to his public but also to look for new vinyl albums for his collection. He might be an artist but as he admits himself ‘being in hall 12 of Jaarbeurs Utrecht during the Mega Record and CD Fair and watching all those crate diggers – it might be just too tempting to start digging myself’. You can visit his exhibition close to the stage at the end of hall 12 and Zielman will be chained to his art if he can’t resist the urge to scan the many stalls filled with cd’s and vinyl.
Record Collector Magazine
One of the other 500 exhibitors at the record fair is Record Collector magazine (UK). For more than 10 years they have promoted this leading magazine for vinyl and cd collectors in Europe at Utrecht.
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