Rare Vinyl Sneak Preview

For both dealers and visitors a very interesting page on the site recordplanet.nl is our new showroom. In this showroom you will find rare vinyl records for sale along with many other music collectible items which dealers will bring to the forthcoming fair, all items are categorised with a description, an image and the stall number.

Rare vinyl records for sale at the Mega Platen & CD Beurs in Utrecht, NL
Rare Vinyl High in the Sky | Mega Record & CD Fair Jaarbeurs Utrecht

The showroom has recently been redesigned and we learned from the past that many of you do take advantage of this sneak preview of the Record fair. In the weeks leading up to the event many dealers place new items every day in the showroom so it’s definitely worth to have a look several times to find out about rare new stuff coming to Utrecht.

Marianne Faithfull 7 inch vinyl published by Dutch Label Favorieten Express
Rare Dutch Vinyl - 7 inch by Marianne Faithfull

That vinyl is here to stay has not only been proved by the production figures of Europe’s largest vinyl plant: Record Industry Haarlem, which had a 15% increase in sales last year. This was also noticeable in the amount of visitors of last year’s Mega Record and CD Fair in Utrecht. Red Bull magazine, called Red Bulletin, pronounced the record fair in Utrecht the world’s largest of it’s kind and wrote a great article about it in their August 2011 issue. This magazine mostly covers extreme and outdoor sports but they filled 6 pages with news about the Mega Record and CD Fair and vinyl. It was published world wide in an edition of five and half million copies. The formula 1 race driver for Red Bull Sebastian Vettel -the world’s youngest world champion – is a huge vinyl collector according to the Donau Kurier published on 15-11-2010. We can assure you that the formula 1 world champion is very welcome at the biggest vinyl show on earth!