The world’s biggest record fairs!

The Utrecht Mega Record & CD Fair new blog!
Without any doubt an extraordinary event. In a time where less and less pop albums are sold in regular stores, music lovers from all over the world travel to Utrecht to buy records. ‘Mammy I’m home’, was the astonished comment of a vinyl collector from Sweden when entering the Mega Record & CD Fair in Utrecht. Added to the show are special rock exhibitions, signing sessions, book presentations, live performances and DJ sets.

The world's largest record fairs - vinyl collectors fair in Utrecht
The World's largest record fair!

This blog is for those of you who like to keep up to date with the latest information of our upcoming record fairs, including rare collections brought in by specialist dealers and much more. In the past people like Glenn Matlock (Sex Pistols) Paul Dianno (Iron Maiden), Within Temptation, Barry Hay (GoldenEarring) Soulwax, CCCinc, and hundreds more have visited the record fair to search for their own vinyl albums, cd’s and singles or other material.

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