The Unbeatable Mega Record & CD fair starts November 19

Only a few days left before the Unbeatable Mega CD & Record fair will open the doors.

‘Without any doubt an extraordinary event. In a time where less and less pop albums are sold in regular stores, music lovers from all over the world come to Utrecht to buy records – I mean vinyl. You can’t believe it’, was the astonished comment of a first time visitor of the last Mega Record & CD Fair.

Mega Record & CD Fair Jaarbeurs Utrecht NL
Vinyl lovers at the Mega Record & CD Fair Jaarbeurs Utrecht

The next Mega Record & CD Fair takes places on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands.
A remark numerous popfans, record collectors, experts and DJs that travel twice a year to visit this two-day spectacle can only agree with. 75 % of the specialised exhibitors come from abroad, offering a varied and exclusive assortment of millions of albums, singles, 12-inches, CDs, DVDs, pop-related articles and memorabilia. Added to the show are special rock exhibitions, signing sessions, book presentations, live performances and DJ sets.