Miss Twist will turn your head at the Mega Record & CD Fair on November 19 & 20, 2011

Live at the November Mega Record & CD Fair in Utrecht the stage and turntables will be on hand for a few hours to all visitors. Under the supervision of the fair’s house DJ Miss Twist you can play your favourite vinyl album, single or CD. All you have to do is bring your copy to the stage and explain why that vinyl album or cd is your Desert Island disc and why it’s special to you. Afterwards you may be photographed sitting in the Royal Crate Diggers throne with your beloved record. Immortality will be yours if you join the Royal Crate Digger showcase on Recordplanet.nl

Royal Crate Digger Showcase with Miss Twist at the Mega Record & CD Fair on November 19 & 20, 2011
Miss Twist and Ed Visser will present the Royal Crate Digger Showcase at the Mega Record & CD Fair

3 minutes of Fame for everybody.
Miss Twist has been the Mega Record and CD Fair’s house DJ for many years now, she specialises in obscure fifties and sixties 45 rpm singles. In the past famous Deejays like Eddy de Clercq have been flabbergasted by the vinyl she dug up from the many stalls at the fair and then played afterwards in her set on stage. Miss Twist is a unique figure in this niche dance scene and a very popular DJ at all kinds of parties and she also organizes her own!

Royal Crate Digger Showcase
Initiator of the Royal Crate Digger showcase and graphic artist Ed Visser (famous for his Liquid Light dvd’s which we will report about later) will take care of the images and the Royal Crate Digger’s throne.