Miss Twist will turn your head at the Mega Record & CD Fair

Live at the Spring Mega Record & CD Fair in Utrecht the stage and turntables will be on hand for a few hours to all visitors.

Vinyl Records at the Record Fair in Utrecht
Miss Twist will turn your head | (left: Johan Kugelberg & right: Jon Savage during the last Autumn fair)

Under the supervision of the fair’s house DJ Miss Twist you can play your favourite vinyl album, single or CD. All you have to do is bring your copy to the stage and explain why that vinyl album or cd is your Desert Island disc and why it’s special to you. Afterwards you may be photographed sitting in the Royal Crate Diggers throne with your beloved record. Immortality will be yours if you join the Royal Crate Digger showcase on Recordplanet.nl. See the pictures of the last fair.