Kevin Welch at the Unbeatable Mega Record & CD fair

On Saturday our special guest is American singer/songwriter Kevin Welch. He was born in Long Beach and currently resides in a wood cabin just outside Austin in the lone star state of Texas. Kevin Welch recorded his first album back in 1990 and is now on the road to promote his brand new album ‘A Patch of Blue Sky’. His performance will start around 3pm and he is afterwards available for autographs and/or a nice chat!Kevin Welch at the Unbeatable Record Fair in Utrecht

Kevin Welch at the Mega Record & CD fair Utrecht
Kevin Welch Saturday April 14, Mega Record & CD fair Utrecht

The complete program of the Unbeatable Mega Record and CD Fair Utrecht, the Netherlands is:

  • Saturday between 10 & 12 hours DJ Miss Twist
  • Saturday between 12 & 13.30 hours the Royal Crate Digger showcase
  • Saturday between 14 & 15 hours the Three Imaginary Boys Popquiz
  • Saturday between 15.30 & 16.30 hours performance Kevin Welch
  • Saturday between 16.30 & finish DJ Louise Le Roi.
  • Sunday between 11 & 13 hours DJ Miss Twist
  • Sunday between 13 & 13.45 hours performance by Lodewijk van der Linden
  • Sunday between 14 & 15.30 hours the Royal Crate Digger showcase
  • Sunday between 15.30 & finish DJ Dirk Diggler